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Our Most Popular Courses


Core Education

This package contains core education only and covers safety and conservation energy. This package satisfies DOPL’s requirement of at least 3 hours of core education in your C.E.


Continuing Education

This package satisfies DOPL’s 6 hour requirement for license renewal. Learn safety, financial management, HR101, and conservation energy sources. Do not purchase if you have an S330 license, S350 license, or a S410 license.


S330 / S410 Course

For you if you have a landscaping license (S330) or a boiler or water conditioner license (S410). This package does satisfy DOPL’s 6 hour requirement including 1 hour conservation energy and

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Conservation Energy

In this module learn about the different emerging energy sources that are vying to replace fossil fuels. Learn about why we must shift our dependency from finite energy sources to replenishable and renewable sources. 1 hour.

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In this module learn about the rules, regulations, and best practices in regards to safety. Learn what the rights and requirements of business owners are and what you must do to ensure the safety of yourself and your employees - 2 hours.


HR 101

In this module learn the basics of marketing and sales for your business. Also learn about customer relations, negotiating basics, hiring and firing, and the different laws related to having, managing, and removing employees. 2 hours.

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Financial Management

Learn the basics of accounting including balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow. Also we’ll talk about the different methods of accounting, cash management and how to keep more of your money in the business. 2 hours.


S350 Package

This package covers DOPL’s 6 hour requirement for those with a S350 HVAC license. It includes core education in conservation energy and core education in safety. In order to complete your Continuing Education, you must register with (website for UPHCA signup) and watch a recorded video on the installation, maintenance, or repair of an HVAC unit.